The crucible

Why killing Kennedy is a tried and tested American story of power and obfuscation.

The heat is intense. You have to wear a shield to keep it from stinging your face. The red is beautiful, bright, inviting. It’s a sight that ‘s hard to ignore like a sunrise, albeit a morning in hell. The pyrometer read 1,742 °F and rising.

sunrise from hell | Killing Kennedy |

To see metal, silicon bronze, turn into something entirely different, liquid. It melts at 1866°F. And solidification is at 1904°F.

I love watching this process; it’s a form of creation. To see metal, silicon bronze, turn into something entirely different, liquid. It melts at 1866°F. And solidification is at 1904°F.
The picture on the Facebook intrigued me; it also had me transfix. The captioned read, “No steel frame building has ever collapsed from fire. Except WTC.” They were making reference to the Windsor Tower in Madrid, Spain burned for over 20+ hours and never collapsed. One of the comments read, “The maximum burning temperature of the jet fuel is 1500 degrees. Steel melts at 2750 degrees.”

Windsor-Tower-Madrid-Spain | killing Kennedy |

The Windsor Tower in Madrid, Spain burned for over 20+ hours and never collapsed.

Aluminum melts at 1,221°F. I also watched that melt in the crucible at work. I only needed dark shades to see it, and the heat was not stinging my face. I can’t imagine 2750°F; I know I would not be able to stand and admire it for too long.
It took the crucible hours to reach 1904°F with a powerful current of gas and air. The noise it made was so loud you have to shout to hear one another. I click the link, still unwilling to believe that our government will lie to us. But like everyone else, over the years, I was brainwashed. The product of a dysfunctional old Prussian model of education that thought us to obey. So successful that, it is unfathomable to believe otherwise or to think for ourselves.
I kept watching, building seven implode and collapse like a deck of cards just like the twin towers. And wanting to believe what the president told me. That “our country is under attack.” The psychologist called this cognitive dissonance.

The Truth

The truth is; this is not your country or a country. It’s more like a corporation, a profit-seeking venture, with board members who dictate and provide for the shareholders who in turn fuel the corporation. The politicians, elected with board member money, are there to give you the perception of choice and to keep you pacified. To be clear, no one stands to profit by popular methods. Or as George Carling aptly put it, we’re “Obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork.”

Roger Stone Political beast


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“But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them.

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I also delve in the LBJ the man. He was a monster. Power hungry, crude, vulgar, abusive, sadistic, vicious and often drunk, this is a man who reveled in his aides’ discomfort by conducting meetings while sitting on the toilet defecating.

Roger Stone | killing Kennedy | |

In my book, I make the case that Watergate, like the JFK assassination, was a coup d’etata in which the CIA participated. Once CIA veteran James McCord was brought in on the Watergate burglary plan, the CIA knew what Nixon’s minions were up to. The Bay of Pigs, the JFK assassination and Watergate are thus inextricably linked.


















Strolling thru YouTube, I saw Roger Stone’s book THE MAN WHO KILLED KENNEDY THE CASE AGAINST LBJ. Yes, Roger Stone Political beast and fashion’s “Best and Worst Dressed Men and Women in the World.”

I check my wallet for my library card and off I went to get a copy.

And it’s amazing. Gore Vidal amazing. Roger Stone’s book has many intimate political facts, details. Connecting dots from FDR to the Bush’s’. Glaring facts like the magic bullet. JFK head, violently flying back, Mrs. Kennedy reaching back for brain debris from the bullet that came from the front shattering JFK skull. The CIA and its autonomous quest for power like J. Edgar Hoovers’ FBI and his blackmailing files and mob protection rackets, his beef with RFK. Texas Oil, the money made from the Vietnam War by the Military Industrial complex repeating today again with Iraq war and others. Companies, so big that money is irrelevant, the quest for maintaining power at all cost is necessary.

 killing Kennedy | |

Why Kill JFK?

Why Kill JFK4


More so the story of LBJ the racist, cursing, defecating in front of people psychopath. Mind you, essential qualities for a United States President. Roger Stone explain that the ones who are successful at achieving the presidency know how to play the game. Kennedys’ included. They both use money and organize crime and political cabals to win elections. The public battles between the Kennedy brothers and the Mafia could well be a struggle for power not unlike the civil war. Not a quest for morality as we are made to believe. But the decision for what group of rich white men will rule the world.


Work or Riot | killing Kennedy | |

In 1676, a group of just such young freedmen, joined by servants and slaves as well, launched the largest popular rebellion of colonial America, plundering the property of the well-to-do, burning the capital, and sending the royal governor and his cronies temporarily into hiding on Virginia’s East- ern Shore. The rebellion ended abruptly, without accomplishing—or for that matter attempting or proposing—changes in the prevailing system of power and authority. What it did succeed in doing was planting suspicion and fear of the growing white lower class in the minds of the rich and powerful. Barbara Jeanne Fields

At both times there was and advantage, serviceability, of being white. And it was exploited to maximum effect by the fear and rise of the white lower class by the rich and powerful white leaders then and now.

Before and during the civil war blacks were treated the same way North or South. It’s the same in 1860, 1960 and now. The outcome is the same. Not a moral victory for the 13th Amendment and The Civil Rights Act of 1964 but a victory that service’s a local cronyism or colonialism whose purpose is to produce profits.


Creation of Race

By granting us citizenship, we comply with the practice of expansion and limited land rights of indigenous peoples. It is the oldest trick distracts the observer. And America racism has proven its usefulness by distracting. To work effectively, we the public has to be involved. The populous have to believe that they are part of the process. The creation of race makes that possible.


In a nation, that declared independence from tyranny. We fought for freedom already guaranteed. Fought for civil rights already guaranteed. Today, we are still slaves on a plantation or batteries for the political cabal. Our labor is the property of the state. Managed by decisions made by a central bank. And the states’ function is to maintain that power structure, at all cost.

Kennedy’s were naive

The Kennedy Brothers could well have come to the conclusion that those people are far too evil that they were making more money than they could spend. And taken lots of lives in the process, who know. But at some time, they decided to cut their ties with Sam Giancana’s, whose money, muscle, and Union influence facilitated his 1960 election. After all, the Kennedy brothers had more power and youth now. Or maybe they did not like that the mob had more “girls” than they did, who knows.
Why keep bombing Vietnam and Cambodia and sending conscripted young man to war for the financial gain of a bunch of industrial psychopaths and organize crime.
It could be that the Kennedy’s were naive. That they did not know of the CIA involvement. In Syria 1949, Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Tibet 1955, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959, Iraq 1960–63, the Democratic Republic of the Congo 1960, Dominican Republic 1961. Not likely. They knew.

Mortal Enemies

President Kennedy felt empowered enough to fire CIA Director Allen Dulles and shelf J. Edgar Hoover and threaten to send Vice President and former majority leader LBJ to jail and sideline Richard Nixon. Somehow the Kennedy’s altruism made them mortal enemies of everyone. Or maybe everyone thought the brothers hypocrites and unreliable.
Nonetheless, they were hated by everyone with enough power to deceive the entire nation of the United States of America. For whatever reason, everyone went along with the coup d’état. The Warren Commission, Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, mislead the Nation.
That a Political Cabal runs our Nation might come as a surprise to some. But how else can you explain it. Everyone got in line and “Walk the Line.” despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary no one is willing to set the record straight. Indeed, none of the subsequent presidents, not even RFK felt he could say anything without the safety of the presidency he sought. To that end, the cabal made sure he receives the same faith as his brother.
It will behoove us to think that the cabal has a limited reach. That it did not influence the lives of Americans everywhere from the counterculture, sexual revolution, and the war on drugs to racism.

J. Edgar Hoover | killing Kennedy | |

Lyndon Johnson and Sam Rayburn visited Kennedy’s hotel room in Los Angeles late at night, and they showed him a dossier of pictures of JFK in compromising positions with various women, courtesy of Johnson’s next-door neighbor and longtime political ally J. Edgar Hoover.

Lyndon B. Johnson | killing Kennedy | |

Yes, I believe that LBJ spearheaded a conspiracy funded by Texas Oil and assisted by elements of the CIA and the Mob. Yes, I think LBJ’s unique relationships with J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, defense contractors, Texas Oil, and organized crime allowed him to spearhead a conspiracy. All had a stake in Kennedy’s death.

Allen Dulles | killing Kennedy | |

Within days of becoming president, Kennedy realized how little power he truly had. The CIA had played him, disregarding his expressed concern the U.S. is not be involved in what he would only support an invasion by Cuban exile Patriots trying to take back their country for democracy. Kennedy fired Bissell and Dulles in a threat to break the CIA up into a thousand pieces.

Richard Milieus Nixon |killing Kennedy | |

Richard Nixon – Roger Stone – Lyndon Johnson murdered John Kennedy. Richard Nixon’s code for the JFK assassination was the “whole Bay of Pigs thing” which was his indictment of the CIA in the JFK assassination

The Cabal

The cabal exercises its power by keeping us confuse and preoccupied with our internalize ideology like racism while they go around the world gaining and maintaining absolute power. JFK was aware of the CIA’s covert operations. JFK probably did not see the benefits to his presidency with CIA’s plans to kill uninvolved American Citizens to create and support a war against Cuba to appease the mob’s financial interest.


But his successors sure found it useful to inflate attack in the Gulf of Tonkin, which President Lyndon B. Johnson use as a pretext for leading the nation into the Vietnam War. All the while distracting us with the racism of the 60’s. Vietnam War benefitted the cabal’s financial interest and power. Which in the end got JFK killed. The same result befell MLK. America loves a race war; it’s a major distraction.


The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was just that a distraction, the government was willing to parade MLK around the world. But when he started protesting the war, was a reason to kill MLK. He was famous enough to change election results. Proof enough that white folks also like MLK.

Debating Racism

While black and white Americans are discussing racism, the cabal is building a case for war. Wars are a big money, maker. And as long as the collateral damage does not reach them, then everyone is free game. The war on drugs is an excuse to incarcerate people because prisons and oil wells are long-term investments. Our government will not take issues with trading guns for drug money to pay for arms for Nicaraguan dictators. And flood the US with crack and watch communities slowly evaporate. While Nancy Reagan “say no to drugs.” which brings me back to “WTC and WMD“s and the never ending war. There is lots of monies moving around the world in the hands of a small group of people who are benefiting from the war, and will maintain power at all cost. Bombing own citizens is not new for warmongers. They or their supporters will tell us that they do small evils to avoid a massive nuclear proliferation or something to that effect, said Niall Ferguson. A professor of history at Harvard about his book Kissinger: The Idealist, 1923-1968.” US Senate reports have cataloged intelligence misused to mislead the public.

Colin Powell: “My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we’re giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence.” Condoleezza Rice:

“We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”And those who don’t agree are not patriotic or real Americans. So, we “walk the line” because we want too.

Condoleezza Rice | killing Kennedy | |

“We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”

Colin Powell | killing Kennedy | |

“My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we’re giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence.”


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