I am an artist

I am an artist, whose purpose is to inspire and encourage others and to leave this world a better and more beautiful place than I found it.

Engage in a conversation

In creating El Bembón Y Ella, it was my desire to engage the viewer in a conversation; albeit the dialogue may appear first ambivalent and contradictory. I hoped to show that we are all the same regardless of culture and perceived differences, and in understanding one another, we work toward common ground.

Negative stereotype

I created El Bembón Y Ella to confront a negative stereotype, and to validate me as a black male. To validate that my emotional needs are similar to other human beings’ needs. To courageously state that who I am, is someone looking to love and be loved. That I am no different than anyone else, and the negative and misjudged perception some may have of others are theirs entirely.

As a child in Nicaragua

As a child in Nicaragua, I never envisioned the possibility to create and partake in a beautiful art project that is reflective of my culture. However, with GoFundMe I see the potential, and I am enthusiastic and grateful. I have solely and entirely financed the casting of El Bembón Y Ella. It was a tremendous but rewarding effort to sculpt and cast these bronzes. However, without funding, it has proven challenging to market and sell my sculptures, and to create new works of art. My objective is to raise $10,000.00 for marketing and advertising of my sculptures in magazines and venues, to reach a larger demographic of art lovers and collectors.

I am a true believer

I am a true believer in the ideals of community-oriented collaboration, service, and support, and as an artist and art teacher, I have donated my talent and time to numerous community-oriented programs and projects over the past 25 years. If my art and my teaching have spoken to, inspired or engaged you in any way, I would be most grateful if you would support my artistic goals and endeavors by making a donation via GoFundMe

As an art lover

As an art lover, you have an appreciation that art brings people together, and that our encounter – your support of my creativity and artistic aspirations is possible due to the love of art and the power of art to transform individuals and communities.

Thank you

Please visit my website www.mpalacioart.com for further details of my sculptures, C.V., and bio.

Many thanks and best regards, Manuel

Risks and challenges

What are the risks and difficulties that come with completing my project? At this moment, there are none. If my project is funded, I can start marketing immediately. I already have magazine ready ads for publication. My delay at this moment is cost.

There will be the subsequent expense for more advertising. However, my GoFundMe campaign also functions as marketing that can potentially generate sales or investors for my five-year plan.

I’m confident, that with backers’ support El Bembón Y Ella will serve a valuable purpose by changing people’s limited and negative beliefs about minorities and by adding a counterbalancing story to challenge stereotypes.