My First Trip to West Africa: Sierra Leone, Freetown, Kono

AFRICA I always wanted to go to Africa. Like most Afro-Americans, I grew up in an environment idolizing everything, Africa. Once I got there, I realize I Knew nothing about Africa. My maternal grandmother made it clear that everything Africa is best. Granny did not, however, spend time disparaging the […]

My First Trip to Africa

Poverty, Inc

Poverty, Inc. is an excellent documentary. Directed by Michael Matheson Miller, it explores some of the inner workings of foreign aid, as well as some of the unintended consequences that come from it: A system that creates wealth for a few NGO’s by creating a living from poverty, although unintentionally. […]


The crucible Why killing Kennedy is a tried and tested American story of power and obfuscation. The heat is intense. You have to wear a shield to keep it from stinging your face. The red is beautiful, bright, inviting. It’s a sight that ‘s hard to ignore like a sunrise, […]

Why Kill JFK | | why kill kennedy

bell hooks, whose pussy is this? |

bell hooks, whose booty is this?   Recently updated !

bell hooks, whose booty is this? from mpalacioart on Vimeo. Who is bell hooks Bell Hooks, if you don’t know who she is you should. Her writings cover topics containing: art, sex, lots of pussy and booty, dicks, abuse, gender, race, patriarchy, capitalism, and all contemporary culture. Especially from the […]

Michele Wallace


THE BLACK MAN’S REVOLUTION Looking back with  MICHEL WALLACE’S brilliant book “Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman.”   BE YOURSELF Black man designation, what does it means to be yourself? Sounds like an easy thing to do, but in reality, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. It’s […]

Hail king Jamaica Kincaid by Manuel Palacio

Hail King Kincaid by Manuel Palacio Hail King Kincaid, for she is ferocious uncompromising honest and brave. Jamaica Kincaid spends a lot of her time dispensing what a critic so accurately put, awful truths; truths people spend a lot of time trying not to acknowledge. Understanding this Jamaica Kincaid takes […]


Hell no I will not sign a petition, to ban this piece from the Barbican Gallery, this piece of art is doing what it suppose to do. Start a dialogue. Make up your minds. Contemplate your sins. Especially with the people who disagrees with the point of view of the […]

What do you know about Bermuda’s History?

What do you know about Bermuda’s History? Is a question Bermudians ask when I make political commentary? For if I did know anything about Bermuda’s history; I would not have painted The PLP as white peoples or say those things about Dr. Brown. Further, Itis clear that you don’t know your […]

fuck you, contemporary art Bermuda flag, bus pass by artist Manuel Palacio

Dr. Ewart Brown with cedar horns, by artist Manuel Palacio

Black apartheid, again!

Black apartheid again, this blog came about when I was watching the news. Garry Moreno went into a clip of former premier speech. I was amazed; I could not stop looking at the TV. Everyone around me got quiet. Children were told to “shush be, quiet!” You could see the pride […]